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Sign up for The Potting Shed before Christmas, and you might be the lucky winner to gift The Potting Shed to someone you love! Want to keep the gift all to yourself? You’ll receive a refund for amount paid when registered. Must register by 12-24-22 at 7 PM PST. Folks that have already registered are automatically entered! Winner will be notified via email on 12-24-22, at 8 PM PST.

I am so thrilled to share my 2023 year-long online workshop, The Potting Shed. If you are ready to immerse yourself in the green beauty that surrounds us, improve your artistic skills, and find your creative voice through visual storytelling, then click below and join me for a wonderful adventure inside The Potting Shed!

Worried it will be too hard, too much, or too long? Don’t be! You can pick your favorite projects, set aside the rest and come back when you are ready for more with lifetime access.

Why sign up early? You save 25% and can pay monthly with a subscription. The course supply list is available in the classroom as soon as you sign up. Just enough time to ask Santa to bring you some new art supplies!

P.S.  Sale and subscription offer ends 1/31/23. No Exceptions!


Sign up for The Potting Shed before the New Year, you’ll be entered for an opportunity to win a $100 gift certificate in my shop! Must register by midnight PST, 12/31/22. Winner will be notified on 1-1-22. Folks that have already registered are automatically entered!

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  1. Avatar jacqueline says:

    Hello! I am truly looking forward to this course 🙂 When will the first lesson be available? I see notes of subscription and sale deadlines but no mention of when the course begins. Thanks!

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