Although the course has begun, it’s easy to jump in at any time! Over 300 students are loving the course! Meet us in THE POTTING SHED today!

THE POTTING SHED is a year-long course emphasizing drawing with thoughtful compositions, perspective drawing, and variety of garden goodness. You’ll complete over sixty garden inspired illustrations with monthly pre-recorded video lessons, weekly downloadable packets, hand-illustrated handouts, and bonus botanical content. 


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Wildlife is a year-long course filled with highly detailed, super colorful, imagination-filled animal illustrations! You’ll recreate 52 of my most imaginative animal illustrations, giving you a giant dose of confidence + skills to imagine up your own amazing illustrations. This course includes 12 pre-recorded painting lessons, 12 livestream drawing sessions (that’s 30+ hours of online instruction), and 52 handout packets (that’s over 160 pages), plus a bonus print and frame illustration. 

2022 year-long course. All content available as soon as you register!

SHEnanigans is a year-long course meant to give you the insight and practice you need to build up your character-building confidence! By recreating 52 of my most intricate characters, my goal for you is that you can take what you have learned over the course of the year and find the confidence and the skills needed to create your own signature characters!

2021 year-long course. All content available as soon as you register!