In this project-based class, you’ll grow a collection of layered succulents and air plants tucked into glass containers. Over 4+ hours of video to help you through each start-to-finish project! In addition to video learning, you’ll get a ton of inspiration in handout format, too! The course is open and all lessons are available to you now!

ART HEROINE is one of my most playful courses that I have created! As the featured course, you can join me at the end of the September for a members-only Zoom Q+A session where I’ll work on a new mushroom illustration and answer any questions you may have. Not a member yet? No problem! Join today and enjoy a 25% discount on the course (valid through 9.31.21).

Art Heroine is all about moving your character-building forward with lessons focused on how to make subtle, but detailed shifts in your work in brand-new, sparkly ways! This course includes lessons about hair, facial features, and skin tones. This release schedule will allow you the time to practice and perfect each technique/lesson prior to moving on to the next. You’ll also work right along with me as I develop characters from start to finish. We’ll create a sassy girl in a striped jumpsuit, a mermaid, and a creative caped crusader. The characters will vary in size and detail to give you a full array of compositional choices along with short character stories to help you visualize your direction when painting. Oh, and you can always count on a plethora of handouts and a bonus video or two to make the class even more fun!


ONLINE COURSES | Do you want to spark your creativity? Expand your watercolor skills?  Make some rainbow-filled art?   If so, come and join me in my online courses! My goal is to support you on your creative journey by offering online courses packed with instructional videos, detailed handouts and inspirational goodies.  All experience levels are welcome, and check back often as I’m continually thinking of new course offerings.   So grab your art supplies, a cup of coffee and come join me in my studio!

SHEnanigans is a year-long course meant to give you the insight and practice you need to build up your character-building confidence! By recreating 52 of my most intricate characters, my goal for you is that you can take what you have learned over the course of the year and find the confidence and the skills needed to create your own signature characters! It’s not too late to join in on the fun – there’s over 20 characters that have been released that are just waiting for you to create!