Hello friends! Interested in the creative stuff that is tucked in all the corners, shelves and drawers in the studio? As always, we highly encourage you to use what you have, make notes and only invest in what you really need to add to your creative toolbox. XO, Danielle+Team


  • Artist-grade watercolors (pan or tube)
  • Watercolor-only brushes
  • Artist-grade paper (140 lb., cold press)
  • Mechanical Pencil (.3 mm lead) and white vinyl eraser
  • White ink marker 
  • Mixing palette (white porcelain dish works as well)
  • Clear Jar/clean water
  • Paper towels
  • Table Salt


Every online artist/instructor has a different space and needs in terms of equipment needed to produce quality video content. I am not even close to a pro at it and am always learning and looking for new ways to make a better product. This list is just my version of what helps me get the job done!

  • Lighting | I use four lights to evenly cover my filming area. this set and two of these.
  • Camera and Mic | I love using my camera and this mic. It takes a minute to get the settings right (actually hours of research and lots of notes) but the combination work well.
  • Equipment Stand | This is made specifically for overhead filming and is a new addition to my studio. So far so good!
  • Software | To edit my videos, I use Adobe Premiere Elements right now and hope to transition to Premier Pro soon. A girl can only do so much, right?



Pantone Colors, by Helen Dardik

One of the best parts of creating a big course is the opportunity to add new books to my creative library! Some help me look at my own illustrative process in a new way, others inspire me with their beauty, and a few help me tap into my imagination in sparkly, new ways. Once the course is complete, I review my curated collection and shelve some in my rainbow-order library system. Another stack gets tucked away in my collection of children’s books for my grandson, Teddy, when he visits. Another stack is offered to my neighborhood or to charity for someone else to love. Check back every once in a while, the list will get updated as the course progresses! (Books listed in random order)

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE | These are supplies, books and tools I use and love. If you click a link and make a purchase, I’ll earn some money to buy even more amazing stuff to share with you. Please note that as much as I would like to, I can’t control fluctuations in price or availability.