Lesson Learned No. 1

It’s amazing how many times I can make the same mistake in my creative process. I think it’s because I am ridiculously stubborn, or I am hopelessly optimistic about level of artistic problem-solving abilities. (Who do I think I am, the artsy version of McGyver?)  LESSON LEARNED NO. 1: If you don’t love your drawing, you […]

6 Tips for Creative Roadblocks

Creative roadblocks are awful. They leave you feeling like you might not ever create anything that you love ever again. Dramatic, but absolutely true. Honestly, one of my biggest fears as a full-time artist is the ever-looming possibility that I will run out of ideas. Overly dramatic, but true.  The past couple of months, I […]

Earlybird Registration is Open!

I couldn’t wait another minute to share my newest course, WILDLIFE, for another minute! We are going to have the best, most colorful, and imagination-filled 2022!  Hugo the Bear has his best party attire on and is ready to hang out with you, so don’t wait too long to join. WILDLIFE is currently offered as […]

Creative Jumpstart 2022

I am so excited to be a part of Creative Jumpstart again! It is such an amazing experience for all levels of artists – especially those who love to try all sorts of new things. I hope you’ll consider joining! Creative JumpStart was created by Nathalie Kalbach for hobbyists and artists alike to learn from the […]

It’s time to get excited!

If you LOVED SHEnanigans, you are going to go wild for Danielle’s year-long course that begins on January 1,  2022. Get ready for a plethora of color, a dash of detail and a smidge of imagination tucked into your weekly art packets and it’s all about…. ohhh, you’ll have to wait for that part! Course reveal and […]