clovers and bingo. a creative kit. no. 1

cloversbingo 580x580 clovers and bingo. a creative kit. no. 1It seems like forever since I made the decision to share my version of a creative kit. it really hasn’t been. it just seems like it.

so here is the deal and my biggest hope for my kits.

i want to share without all the overthinking. i want to share with the intention of not only putting together pretty things, but creating creative friendships that are tied together with the notion that we all do things a bit differently and we should embrace and share that. (and not spend time hating on peeps for doing it better – or more – or with more confidence – or even talent-and by “hating” – if you know what I mean you are in the right place-i don’t actually mean it in the literal sense-i am a pretty nice person in general) 

so my thought is that I will (allow myself the time to and) have fun putting together something the creates the opportunity for just that. and I am anal and weird and I like organizing and thinking through the possibilities of my version of creative. it gets me going. makes me smile. and I sigh when I am done because it is so stinkin. cute. and. awesome. i LOVE making kits.

so if you want to join in on my version of creative. buy clover and bingo – my first kit from the dorm room. and once you do, we shall play. i plan to share my process, thoughts, materials, and of course frustrations and final pieces. i plan to share using the following (so even if you don’t buy a kit – i hope you will come along for the ride):

pinterest. you can follow my board for this kit.

instagram. i share steps of the process a lot. a lot. (you will probs have to friend me.)

facebook. my blog posts will always show up here. plus little bits of my life.

twitter. not such a fan but i am trying. follow me. that might help. pretty much am talking to myself here.

website. please take a minute to sign up for the feed. email feeds are awesome. front page on bottom of sidebar.

buy clovers and bingo here!

i will be sharing pics, words and even videos. i hope you will join me. you can never have too many kindreds. sharing the good and the bad. everything creative.

and i may not use all of it on one thing. i may not create a masterpiece. i may just create something fun and crafty. that is how this is gonna roll. ok?