it actually IS in the details.

CGONLINE 580x441 it actually IS in the 2015 online creativeGIRL course is going live in just a few days – monday, march 16 to be exact.

this round is all about really focusing and growing your creative practice in a new way (well, old way for me – new way for you maybe). its about working small. really small. allowing yourself the opportunity to take the overwhelming BIGNESS out of creativity – the need to grab big canvases and fill up every single corner of them.  instead, we’ll soak up the white space, giving ourselves creative breathing room and a bunch of grace in the process. (and maybe your very own illustrated girl. yay!) a hearty dose of perspective, one of the backbones of my creative process. and a plethora of cuteness, color and imagination. (seriously. there is A LOT of color to be had.) and the best part? you’ll have an awesome new art journal to work in when class is over.

i hope if you haven’t joined, you’ll consider joining in on the fun. you can sign up here: 

big rainbowFILLED girls (art-is-you petaluma)

I am so happy to kick off my in-person workshops close to home. I am working on samples and taking notes this weekend – our two-day workshop will be all about big colors and even bigger rainbow-haired girls.  If you have wanted to learn how to incorporate watercolors into your mixed-media practice – this is the class for you! We will spend our time learning how to move through our watercolor palettes, make the most of white space, white ink, and white paint.

I will be sharing my sample-making process this weekend on Instagram and Facebook so come take a gander!

I hope my local and not-so-local California peeps will consider joining me! You can read more and sign up for my workshop here! ART IS YOU WORKSHOP Hurry up though – it’s only about a month away!

bigcolorsboldgirls 580x580 big rainbowFILLED girls (art is you petaluma)


In Big colors, bold girls, we will practice building rainbow-sized watercolor palettes with magical results. With our newly acquired color confidence under our belts, we will develop our illustrative skills by working small and imagining BIG. We’ll put all the pieces together and learn how to illustrate and watercolor directly onto wood panels. The end result? A stunning, rainbow-haired girl to take home and nestle in your corner of the world.

Techniques and skills included are: watercolor techniques including mixing harmonious watercolor palettes, illustrative sketching and imaginative drawing, adding depth to illustrations with pencil, illustrating simple faces and intricate hair, layering ideas and techniques to turn watercolors into fun mixed-media pieces.