wheel o’ color and texas shenanigans


Many, many messages have popped into my inbox about my new palette. It is AWESOME! You can see it in action HERE, buy one of your own HERE and at my in-person classes of course.

Where can I join in on the fun, you ask?

Lubbock, TX is up next and there are a few spots left. We will be illustrating color-filled farm animals and learning how to work with big palettes of color. I hope you can hop on a plane or zoom in by car to join in on the fun! The workshop will be held June 10-12, 2016 in Lubbock, TX and is only $450! You can email jenni@blessedtobeartists.com to sign up!

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  1. I just bought that palette! It’s coming on Monday!!! Thanks for alerting me to it. Can’t wait to use it!

    1. You’re lucky! No teachers I know ever come to Wisconsin. 🙁 Hopefully, you’ll have some funds next time she comes around.

  2. So sorry I am going to miss you in Lubbock! I attended with the Lubbock retreat ladies earlier and had a blast!! These ladies know how to host an art retreat! Have fun!!

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