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a beautiful batch of goodness from my very own stash of recycled art put together by me with a ton of love and hard work

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Available on backorder


What the heck is an inspiration block? If you have looked through the pages of my book, THE ART OF CREATIVE WATERCOLOR, you’ll notice that each of the alphabet pages has a block of scraps that have been sewn together. Yep, that’s an inspiration block! I began making them to serve as a starting point from my mixed-media illustrations and, over the course of the last few years, I have discovered their hidden teaching power. When you sew together a mishmash of scraps, you have created a reference tool. Just the inspiration you need to practice identifying and mixing watercolors. (COPYRIGHT 2018 DANIELLEDONALDSON)

Each block is approximately 5X7 or 3X9 inches and is absolutely one-of-a-kind! You’ll find a few of these supplies and techniques in each block |
– lots of messy machine stitching
– some snippets of my favorite patterned papers
– bits of ephemera from my private collection
– snippets of my art including watercolor, notes and illustrations
– and maybe a few bits and pieces from some of my artist bffs. woot!
– possibly a bit of ribbon or fabric

I’ll choose the perfect one just for you since they change all the time – don’t worry, they are all beautiful! oh, and there is a limit of one per person to be sure I get to share the love with more peeps!

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Dimensions 5 × 7 × .5 in

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