WILDLIFE is a year-long course meant to give you the insight and practice you need to build up your animal illustration confidence! This course includes 52 weekly animal illustration packets,18+ hours instructional painting videos, 12 BONUS mini drawing video with coordinating handouts, over 150 handouts, plus a bonus print and frame illustration.





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wildlife is a year-long course filled with highly detailed, super colorful, imagination-filled animal illustrations! You’ll recreate 52 of my most imaginative animal illustrations, giving you a giant dose of confidence + skills to imagine up your own amazing illustrations. This course includes 12 pre-recorded painting lessons, 12 BONUS mini drawing videos with coordinating handout, and 52 handout packets (that’s over 160 pages), plus a bonus print and frame illustration.


Get ready to build up much-needed (creative) muscle memory! Muscle memory is simply the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired because of frequent repetition of that movement. Add “creative” to the front of the phrase and you’ve got the version we are looking for!

There are so many ways to instill creative muscle memory, but this course focuses on repetitive drawing. Ugh, I know. It’s your least favorite part of the process! I’ll be the first to admit that drawing on camera is hard, and I don’t always get to be as detailed or accurate as I like to be. The solution? I spent a ton of time developing the drawings in advance to ensure your success. You get my absolute best work to use as a reference and, in trade, I get to see you grow your illustrative skill set.

To boost your drawing confidence, you can join me for twelve BONUS mini drawing sessions where I work through my drawing process on a brand-new illustration. Coordinating handout included!

Don’t worry, we’ll paint, too! With a full-color handout in each packet and twelve content-rich painting videos, you’ll get plenty of color-filled instruction to compliment your drawing practice.

Here’s all the creative goodness you’ll get as a member of this course:


  • Cover Sheet
  • Creative Practicing handout that explains how folks learn and build creative habits
  • Draw, Erase, Repeat handout with helpful drawing tips
  • Visual Tension handout explaining the process with words and an animal drawing

CREATIVE PRACTING PACKETS (52 packets) New packets are available at 9:00 AM PST every Friday.

  • Black and white drawing of a highly detailed animal to use as a reference when drawing your animal.
  • Color illustration of finished animal to use as reference when painting your animal. A list of core colors used to paint the illustration along with snippets of insight into my process.
  • Printable recipe card of animal along with a short but sweet, name-based story with room for notes and a project checklist on the back.
  • BONUS Inspirational Drawing Handout

12 PAINTING LESSONS (18+ hours of pre-recorded video content) In-depth painting tutorial videos that correlate with an animal packet are available on the first Friday of each month at 9:00 AM PST

12 BONUS MINI DRAWING LESSONS Short, but sweet videos in the classroom that emphasize my drawing process with a super-helpful handout to improve your drawing skills.


  • Color Index handout – Want to know which packets used your favorite paint color? This guide will tell you!
  • Creative Imagination handout that gives you the opportunity to use your coursework in a brand-new way.
  • Signature Style handout that includes next steps to developing a creative practice and animals build with your own signature style.
  • Class-exclusive print-and-frame animal
  • BONUS 12-page painted illustration packet based on mini drawing lessons

COPYRIGHT PROTECTED | Danielle Donaldson owns all content/art. You may not use any part of the content or art for anything other than personal use. You may not sell or distribute any art with a likeness of original art. What are you trying to say, Danielle? If you are copying, don’t claim it as your own idea and/or sell it. If you are an instructor, don’t teach it. If you are an illustrator, you may not use my animals as part of a publication. This full-time artist very much appreciates your understanding!

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