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This is the pay-in-full offering – expires on January 17, 2019. It includes a resource library and 12 lessons (lessons are available on the third Thursday of each month at 9 PM PST) in GUILD classroom plus 2 bonus perks!

I have built this course for all the folks who have given so much online love to the plethora of illustrated girls I imagined up in 2018. I cannot wait to share my process and help you grow your art through this course! Just scroll through my INSTAGALLERY to get a little peak into what I have in store for you! -danielle

THE CHARACTER BUILDING GUILD is an online series of colorful and highly detailed character illustrations based on astrological signs and other fun stuff. Enjoy a 2019 from beginning to end with a content-reach year-long offering that includes a variety of the following on a monthly basis |

  • easy-to-access resource library | this library contains so much stuff! book links, favorite artists to inspire you, supplies that you’ll need, and so much more! it is a plethora of goodness – all in one place and just for you!
  • year-long organizational ideas to grow your imagination and characters | in the resource library, I’ll give you ideas about how to organize your creative practice and keep track of all the goodness we will be creating over the course of the year
  • start-to-finish videos with instructional highlights | the videos will be a little different for this course as compared to other courses on my site. why? because my character illustrations take several hours to create and require a steady hand and a focused brain (and creating while talking is way harder than it looks), the characters will be captured with a combination of time-lapse content and voice-over instruction for specific steps that require some additional explanation for you. this new process will allow for extended periods of filming and lots of amazing detail! Videos are NOT downloadable but available as long as I run this site.
  • project PDFs capturing various steps in photos | in addition to the videos, you’ll receive a PDF packet that includes photos of the basic steps of the project to be sure you have something tangible to help you when you are recreating the project
  • character tracing templates | yep – cut them or trace them – they are a starting point for you to try your hand at painting them and adding detail in lots of new ways!
  • what-if character horoscopes | I’ll write and share a monthly fill-in-the-blank horoscope for each astrological sign – be sure to add your birthday when you check-out to receive it!
  • astrological fact sheets | these are just for fun – a collection of things like crystals and colors, moods and flowers. it’s a great way to stir up new ideas!

EXTRA GOODNESS | *these lovely tidbits are not monthly but will be sprinkled throughout the program over the course of the year

  • helpful worksheets* | occasionally, you’ll also find a worksheet or two to help further explain a specific technique or idea that might help you grow your own creative toolbox in new and exciting ways
  • coloring pages* | need I say more?
  • messages of encouragement* | maybe a pretty quote, possibly a little audio love, or perhaps a playlist to make you smile?

PERKS FOR JOINING EARLY | all pay-in-full members who purchase this course prior to opening on January 17th, 2019 (at 9 am PST – NO EXCEPTIONS) will receive the following…

  • EARLY-BIRD BONUS NO. 1 | end-of-year downloadable 2020 DANIELLE DONALDSON calendar filled with the characters developed for the lessons (for personal use only)
  • EARLY-BIRD BONUS NO. 2 | a “print-and-frame” birthday horoscope with coordinating character sent to you during your birthday month! (Please fill in birth day and month when checking out!)

COURSE COST AND SAVINGS | to ensure transparency, your purchase options are…

  • LIMITED-TIME FULL-YEAR |  all lessons + resource library + bonus no. 1 and 2 = $288 one-time payment prior to January 17th at 9 PM  PST +$96 annual savings *compared to buying lessons individually
  • LIMITED-TIME MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (all lessons + resource library + bonus no. 1 and 2) | $24 per month subscription for 12 consecutive months (*$288 total) prior to January 17th at 9 PM  PST  +$96 annual savings *compared to buying lessons individually
  • FULL COURSE |  all lessons + resource library = $288 one-time payment after January 17th at 9 am PST
  • PLEASE NOTE | the full course will NOT be included in additional discount opportunities/sales in 2019 – so don’t wait to join! Woot!