art troop no. 5 | series no. 1 |online workshop


art troop no. 5 is a fun way to infuse a little color and imagination into your creative practice! over the course of five months, i’ll focus on one subject and turn it into an artsy and sometimes craftsy, start-to-finish creative watercolor project – just for you!

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series no. 1 includes 

AUGUST 5 | a prickle of porcupines
SEPTEMBER 5 | a crash of rhinos
OCTOBER 5 | a tribe of goats
NOVEMBER 5 | a pod of walruses
DECEMBER 5 | a drift of bees

each month includes

a 50-minute video
a start-to-finish project
a helpful handout
a 5-color combo
a technique with a twist
a digital troop badge for each project