"I have taken many online art classes. Danielle Donaldson is by far the best instructor I have ever had. She spends a lot of time preparing and breaking down her artistic process into bite-sized chunks that make it easy to understand. Every single class I have taken from her has inspired me and helped me to grow and develop my skills in a different way. She makes the classes fun and yet manages to convey so much information about the process of developing your art. No matter what your level, she will help guide you in advancing your skills. She packs so much into each class - each class is filled to the brim with handouts, inspiration, detailed instructions, and tons of creativity. She continues to inspire me with each new class and always finds something new to teach. You will not be disappointed!"

student and artist | cyndi s.

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"Attending an in-person workshop with Danielle Donaldson is informative, creative and fun! Danielle presents her in-person workshops in an easy-to-understand approach that artists of all skill levels can follow and enjoy. She fosters creativity and growth through a relaxed and collaborative environment. It is inspiring to watch Danielle demonstrate her process in real-life and then provide the guidance and support for us to make it our own. Danielle connects with each attendee of her workshop and offers personalized advice and suggestions. At the end of the workshop I have always gained new skills, created beautiful art and connected with some of the most caring and thoughtful like-minded individuals. Daniel’s workshops always fuel my creative “fire” and I go home inspired to create more art. I have attended her workshops for 3 years in a row, and look forward to future opportunities to study with her!"

student and artist | shannon k.
the girl with the rainbow brain | a what-if workshop

Join me for a workshop filled with the most important skill you can nurture to grow your art – your very own magical and one-of-a-kind IMAGAINATION.

In our time together, we’ll learn new ways to think and be inspired by the everyday creative wanderings our big and beautiful rainbow-brains. Using my new learning method, THE WHAT-IF STORIES, I show you just how to look at our world and turn them into imagination-filled, visual stories – illustrations – that in turn, will help you grow your artistic voice.

To begin, we’ll explore how to create intricate textures and patterns with our mechanical pencils – a satisfying meditation of sorts.  Next, get ready for some color play – bold washes with ever-so delicate ways to mingle and layer the oddest assortment of colors. Lots of pint-sized washes, glazes and line work with a combination of watercolors, colored pencil and white gouache and ink.  In the end, you’ll leave with your very own, RAINBOW BRAIN illustration, ready to mat and hang in your corner of the creative world.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Draw intricate patterns and textures with depth
  • Choose, mix and transition watercolors with confidence
  • Paint beautiful watercolor washes with crisp, clean edges
  • Learn about adding value scale to your composition
  • Play with gouache and ink to clean up work and mix warm and cool “whites”
  • Tap into your imagination and create more unique artwork through fun exercises, prompts and challenges

We’ll be using:

  • Watercolor and printmaking paper
  • Daniel Smith watercolors
  • White ink and gouache
  • Colored pencils
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"I recently purchased Danielle’s The Art of Creative Watercolor-Color Schemes and learned more in this class than I had in all my years of working in the medium. She helped me find the color palette that is unique to me and explained how to incorporate it into my work. I have been a watercolor artist for 30+ years and have never looked at color (highlights/shadows/warms/colors) the way she teaches it. It was a game changer!! The is a fairly short class to watch with a very low price tag however you will get more info that you thought possible. I have watched this class several times already and will continue to go back to it. Thanks so much Danielle!"

student and artist | connie f.