the stamps are here. get inspired!

You guys! The day is here and so are the stamps! Can we get a big “yippy skippy!!!”

But first let’s give some cheers for the winner from yesterday’s blog giveaway. Are you ready, can you hear the drum roll!

A happy congrats and wahoo goes to…

Courtney Walsh!

The stamps are ready to skip to their new homes and studios. Ready to be filled with color and your very one style and flair. Hop on over to the shop and check out all the sets.  I am beyond happy with this new offering and would love to see how you are using your stamps to create, I mean who doesn’t love sassy girl stamps! ( another THANKS to stamping bella)

…and just for giggles, let’s use #danielledonaldsoninspired and get this party started!

Giveaway note:  Courtney Walsh, we will be in touch!

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  1. danceswithmoths
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    I was crazy with anticipation so I stayed up late the night before release date broke the bank and ordered the whole collection! I have big plans for these stamps along with my own creativegirls. I will definitely #danielledonaldsoninspired as I make cards, wall art and other creative goodness. ooohhh, I just thought of another idea…! I can’t wait to see the set!

    Jackie J.

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    Oh those stamps…so stinkin’ cute! And to learn on the same day that the new class is open for registration.(Happiness overload!)And besides that the top of my art table is now covered in a sea of beautiful watercolor squares and illustrations of small creatures and studious girls waiting to earn a place in the amazing handbound watercolor journal taught in your class. It goes without saying that your classes have me delirious with inspiration, a condition that caused me to abandon housework and laundry for a shamefully long time. However, I am now on my last pair of socks and soon guests will need to wear hazmat suits to walk through my living room. DId I mention that I can’t wait to register for the new class…and that I am giving up cooking next? (Seriously…LOVE each and every class and have taken them all. So so grateful to you for introducing me to the joy of working small.)

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