everyday superpowers. what are yours?

I am so excited to share my new line of stamps! If you loved my bitty, illustrated girls but would like to just skip the drawing part and jump right into the coloring goodness – you’ll love these! I have joined up with stamping bella  to create my first set of stamps – and each one has a story to tell (literally!). Go pick your favorite and comment on this blog post for your chance to win it! (Yep – I am giving one of these sweet and sassy girls away tomorrow. You can see the first five HERE and the second five HERE. Don’t forget to come back to this blog post to let me know which is your favorite (the name) and why! And if you don’t win, don’t be sad – you can buy them in my shop in just a few days!



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    It would be very, very hard to pick just one. They are all absolutely delightful, charming, sweet and I want to give each one of them a place in our home. 🙂

  2. danceswithmoths

    I can’t wait to see these sweet sweet girls in person, every one of them is delightful. I adore them all but if I had to choose a favorite, I think it would be ‘Until then’ because I used to wear bandanas on my head in my young girl years 🙂

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    each is so unique…so hard to pick only one (and, seriously considered putting the names into excel and using “RANDOM” function to choose for me 😉 ). But, I narrowed to 5, and then to 1…. I have to choose UntilOlive. She wears her heart on her chest for all to see, and she’s okay that she’s perfectly imperfect.

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    ÕOOOhhhhh….. They’re all so wonderful but I think I would choose Very Happy!!!! I like her name and that she is a Daydream Believer!!!

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    OMG Danielle! How to choose! After much deliberation I think it would have to be ‘Until Then’. You must have had such fun creating these. They are a delight!

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    Hard to pick a favorite, but the one that stands out would be UNTILOLIVE Perfectly Imperfect. I remember you said in that first online class that we should embrace the imperfect of playing with watercolors, you can’t always control the flow. I look to all my art in that way now. Also, She has the heart on her shirt. Since my heart is perfectly imperfect(living with a mechanical valve), UNTILOLIVE speaks to me the most. I’m working on drawing my own group of CreativeGirls. I always look to your Art and Girls for inspiration. Jackie J

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    I love them all, but especially untilolive…and the “perfectly imperfect” is what I have learned most from Danielle, when judging my attempts at making art.

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    i think each and everyone of these girls will be a fun playdate with all my granddaughters. They are adorable. onlygretchen, almostella, everanne, untilolive, utterly violet, very hazel….any and all will be loved and played with here in Cheyenne.

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    Love you and your artwork, Danielle Donaldson!!! My favorite is Almoststella!! But they are all wonderful.

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    These girls are all amazing, but I have to go with Almostella, because I am almost where I want to be in almost everything.

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    Just right is my fave – love that there’s a big and little of each and so will my 6 year old granddaughter Ellie who is “Just right”!!!! I see some shenigans happening and a little storybook being created by us!

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    Without knowing the other girls’ stories, I have to say oftenagnes is my favorite. I know just how she feels. Based on cuteness alone, I’m also looking forward to getting to know onlygretchen, justmaisie, untilolive, and veryhazel. Can’t wait until they’re available to order!

    Thank you for the chance to win one!

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    Danielle they are each so precious in her own way. Thank you for sharing a sweet piece of your heart with each one!! I want them ALL, but especially love Gretchen

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    Although all of your girl stamps are amazing and I cannot wait to get them all, Untilolive would be my pick. Simple really my Scottish fold kitten I named Olive so I have an affinity with that name already.

    Congrats on this line it’s simply stunning.

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    Oh! I love ❤️ them all! Stamps are a great addition! I especially love Until Then. She is precious!

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    My favourite is Untiloilive – when I first saw it I thought it said Untillove (my eyes!) then I saw it was Olive (my beautiful Grandmothers name). The heart on her chest is perfect, so meaningful – just love love – we can’t live without it and is a perfect gift to give…x

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      why.. hmmm she just grabbed me the most.. and the long hair helped but the sayings spoke to me as well.. imperfect yet so perfect and comfortable in her own skin for “who she is”

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    Altogether Evelyn is my fav because she is searching for the sunshine and I definitely can appreciate her journey….I’m looking for the sunshine myself!!! I love them all! Can. Not. Wait. to order them ! Thanks Danielle!!!

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    ‘AllTogether Brilliant”. Finding the sunshine is what I try to do every day dealing with depression. I love this one.

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    I love almostella. She is full of cuteness! Love her clothes and just everything about her. She’s full of “muchness”!
    They are all so cute! Can’t wait til they are available.

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    My favorite is the first one I saw – I don’t think by accident! :p OftenAgnes … because she describes where I’m at with my accomplishments and goals presently – one of which is to quit wearing so many solids! LOL – (my friends will be thrilled, I’m sure) —

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    Omgosh Danielle!! these are SO stinkin cute! I ADORE your work and am glad to know you. ADORABLE! 🙂
    The one with the two puff pigtails are just like my Lovely Girls! Utterly amazingly my favorite!!

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    I love, love, love them! I want them all, but my very first choice would be Almost Perfect. So fun to play with!!

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    Well I have to go with altogetherevelyn as Evelyn is one of my daughters’ names. Honestly they are all fabulous so it’s hard to pick a favorite.

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    I too love them all and struggled to choose just one. I had an aunt whose name was Gretchen so I will say Only Gretchen is my favorite. I admit to wanting them all.

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    Love Stamping Bella Art. The best news is your art is going to be made in to stamps. Thank you so much for sharing. Judyjane

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    I adore your unique style!
    I can only imagine how excited you must be with the release of these stamps! It’s ‘Utterly Amazing’ 😉
    All these girls have so much personality, how can you choose one?

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    Hi, I love them all, so much personality. I have two favorites, one from each group. Almostella and Untilolive. But my most favorite is Almostella because of the oh so cute hair style. On the other it was definately the hat. Too cute!

  28. Chrystal Creswell

    These stamps are so lovely! My favorite is Oftenagnes. I absolutely love the mermaid scales and her sweet thick headband. I also like that I can add a gentle sketch of flowing locks to her or a but or two to change her up when making cards to personalize her for friends. She’s stinking adorable!!! I love Utterlyviolet as well. She resembles my daughter Eden with the sweet pigtail buns and her favorite color is Violet. Love, love love that you partnered with StampingBella to make these awesome stamps. Congrats for reals!

  29. Chrystal Creswell

    BUAHAHAHA! I meant to type …to add a BUN or two…not but. For crying out loud that stamp already has a sweet lil booty. She doesn’t need another one!

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    Utterlyviolet really speaks to me – but they’re all gorgeous and I can see them all joining me in my craft room over the next few months!

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    Oh my goodness these are utterly adorable! If I have to pick a favorite it would be very Hazel, it’s my daughter in law’s name and she is such a welcome addition to our family!!!

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    until then is my favourite because it signals a future filled with who knows what!? I LOVE this line of stamps!

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    They’re ALL so cute & unique! Mostlynaomi would be my fav because of her long hair, I guess. Too darn to pick just 1 though.

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