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a new online workshop!

I had such an amazing response to my most recent mushroom-filled illustration that I have decided to share the process and create a workshop based on it. I think it will be a wonderful way to see in the New Year and I hope you’ll consider joining me.  I’ll walk you through my process from start-to-finish. The course will include instruction on drawing, painting and inking using Daniel Smith watercolors, Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils and Pitt Pens and my handy-dandy white marker techniques. We’ll stay focused throughout on creating a pleasing composition through placement, shape, size, color and pattern choices. I am especially excited to introduce a few new learning tools in this class as well! It’s my hope that they will serve you well as you move your own art forward after completing the class. This piece took me almost 20 hours to complete so you know the content will be fun and creatively character-building, right?

Sign up now for an extra-early-bird price of $40.00 (20% off) (offer expires 11/5/17)

If you aren’t already a part of ART TROOP NO. 5 it’s not too late to join in on the fun!

In my first series, we have created sweet hedgehogs, bitty rhinos and the sassiest green goats! Each series contains five monthly lessons that focus on a specific technique using a limited color palette. With over 300 happy members already, it’s an easy way to build up your creative tool box – one sweet little creature at a time! And you earn badges as you go – and they are so cute!

If you are already a member, your badges are not only on your monthly handout but on YOUR COURSES page, too! If you don’t see them, go back to each lesson, scroll down and click on MARK COMPLETE” – super easy!

If you would like to have the real thing, you can buy them in my shop HERE

15 Comments on “down to earth | start-to-finish workshop”

  1. Avatar

    Those little mushrooms are divinely spectacular! Looking forward to another awesome class Danielle. ????❣✔

  2. Avatar

    You give us a whole new reason for looking forward to the new year, Danielle! These precious shrooms remind me of the luscious nature in the movie Avalon, full of color and whimsey.

  3. Avatar

    Signed up! Can’t wait! Sure wish your classes were downloadable so I could work in my studio (that doesn’t have internet????)

    1. danielle

      It’s going to be fun! I can barely manage classes and handle the IT this way – downloads are a whole new level! LOL

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