creativeGIRL: the land of light and shadows

I am so stinkin’ excited to share that I am FINALLY teaching my very own online class. (Hopefully the first of many) Jeanne Oliver has graciously offered to play hostess-with-the-mostest.

creativeGIRL: The Land of Light and Shadows.

 Once upon a time there was a tiny-ish girl who loved to cut, draw, and paint. She saw things in the sunshine and shadows that other people never seemed to notice. She bounced all that wonderfulness around inside her noggin for a bit, and out popped magical pieces of art that told her stories when words couldn’t.

I’m that girl, and guess what? I want to share a part of my creativeSTORY with you. YES YOU!

The Land of Light and Shadow is a one week course with me (creativeGIRL) that will inspire you to add depth to your work by using a bunch of super fun techniques. You’ll play with all sorts of mediums including pencil and pen work, watercolors, acrylics and patterned paper creating yummy layers. And just when you think you are done, you’ll practice adding highlights and tucking in shadows here and there to make your art sparkle. Sounds awesome, right?

Please join me the week of April 28th for a romp with watercolors and white pens and all sorts of creative shenanigans into The Land of Light and Shadows.

This is a one week class with everything instantly available on April 28th!

The course has an early registration price of $28.  After April 1st the price goes to $34

So hurry my little earlybirds! Go grab your spot today right here: creativeGIRL: The Land of Light and Shadows

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    Hi! I’m interested int his, but notice your blog date doesn’t have a year. Is this current? Found it on Pinterest.

    1. danielle Post
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    The only bad thing about this is that I have to WAIT UNTIL APRIL! Dang!. Wishing you great success, your work is delicious! Thank you for your generosity to share.

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    I get to take this! I’m so glad I got my allowance early!


    p.s. Loving your O’Keiffe class. O’Kieffe. O’Keefe?

    okay, bye.

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    your photos are gorgeous and make this class so tempting. Can you tell me more about it? Will it be with videos or pdf’s or both? How many lessons are there? Thank you so much.

    1. danielle Post


      I am in the midst of outlining the projects so I can’t give you an answer about the number of videos but there will be a combination of talking and technique videos plus pdf prompts and inspiration. I promise it will be a fun return on your investment!

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    1. danielle Post
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    1. danielle Post

      Lei – yes, I think so. You just have to know going into it that watercolor is hard and you have to play around with them and practice. The class is available for a year too so that should help!

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    I’m so tempted to try your class, but I’ve never tried watercolors – they intimidate me a little. Watercolors look hard, like you can’t make a mistake. With acrylics/oils, I can paint over my (many) mistakes. Is this class geared more toward those who have experience with watercolors or do you think a beginner like me would be able to follow along? Thanks!

    1. danielle Post

      I think you will have fun – the thing about watercolors is that they take lots of practice and lots of experimenting. So as long as you go into it knowing that you will have to play a bit, I think it is a good fit for you. The class is also available to you for a year – so you can always walk away from it and come back to it at your pace!


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    I know I have sign up but I have not received
    any email letting me know I you got my money and
    when it will began could you let me know thank you
    I am looking foreword [email protected]

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