creativeGIRL: storybooks and studious girls (new online course!)

well happy sparkly new year peeps! i hope that each of you had an amazing end to 2014 and a splendid start to 2015!

yesterday, earlybird registration opened for my new online course – creativeGIRL: Storybooks and studious girls (Content available March 16). And we are off to a roaring start with almost 200 sassy, creative souls in just over 24 hours! i am so thankful and SO EXCITED! (You do NOT have to take my Light and Shadow class to take this class – it has totally new content. But if you haven’t… you might like to take it while we wait for March to roll around!))

It’s time to work small and dream BIG! We’ll start off our week with by building a watercolor storybook from scratch – A big, yummy book with lots of room to illustrate everyday goodness, brilliant layers of water-colors, and colored pencil work.  Next, we’ll explore some of my tried-and-true techniques to help you grow and organize your creative practice in a brand new way. (Insert a few possible a-ha moments and a plethora of sparkly new ideas here.) Then we’ll spend some quality creative-time together imagining up an illustrated (and colorFULL) storybook superstar that you can call your own. But that’s not all! We’ll work through the basics of perspective drawing including color choices, one-point and two-point perspective. To finish up our week, we’ll smoosh all the creative goodness together and fill a page or two with a few of my favorites; a water-colored alphabet, comfy chairs, and a sweet little secret something.


I also have a very special artist/book-binder/supersweet friend that will provide us with a BONUS video on bookbinding. Our storybook is a sweet little danielle-ish take on a golden book and Tricia Alexander has created an exclusive kit (it even has illustrated inside book art!!!!!) with almost everything you need (you just need to supply a few tools – they are listed in the classroom already!) to follow along OR if you want to take advantage of her most excellent book-binding skills, you can purchase the assembled storybook ahead of time and jump right into my lessons. You can order the kits and the books from Tricia’s Etsy shop HERE. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a required supply – you can use any watercolor journal or loose paper you have on hand but my lessons are set up to fill the book with all sorts of wonderful stuff. I do suggest ordering early to be sure you can have it before class starts!

So what are you waiting for?? Join me and a big huge crazy creative group of peeps – to read more and/or register come on over!

The early registration price is $28!

See you in class!


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  1. I Luv being able t buy a custom made art journal for this class. I couldn’t find the size though. What is the size and page count? Thanks!

  2. I’m SOOOO excited! As soon as the class opened, I signed up! I had no clue what the content is and I didn’t care because I know it’s going to be totally RAD since I took The Land of Light and Shadows, which I highly recommend to anyone that hasn’t taken it! But now that I’m actually reading about this new workshop, I’m really HaPpY! I also signed up for Life Book 2015 through your link. I almost feel like a groupie, but I’m not. Or I am. I don’t know! I just love your style and your awesome sense of humor when you teach 🙂

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  4. Hi! Can i still take this course on next month? I´m from Brazil and would have to send money to my friend in the States so she can send it to you or send it to you directly.
    Thanks! Love your work!

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  7. I can’t seem to sign up on Jeanne’s site in order to register for your class. I don’t get an image where it says to type in the 2 words, all I get is a box with an x in it and I can’t see what the 2 words are to type in and I can’t get past that screen or send her a message. Thanks, Beth

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