art troop no. 5 | series no. 2


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Course Materials


CREATIVE ESSENTIALS | All of my classes require the following supplies 

Artist-grade watercolors (pan or tube)
Watercolor-only brushes
Artist-grade paper (140 lb., cold press)
Mechanical Pencil (.3 mm lead) and white vinyl eraser
White ink marker (fineline)
Mixing palette with wells (or Lap-size white erase board if you prefer)
Clear jar/clean water
Paper towels
Table salt
Optional, but often handy: ruler, white artist tape and glue, scraps of patterned paper, and a paper trimmer or scissors

The following Daniel Smith Paint Colors  are used for the limited palettes over the course of the five lessons but feel free to substitute what you have on your current palette! In addition to the paints, you’ll find a few additional supplies or books I have mentioned or used in the videos. Again, I always suggest using what you have on hand while you watch through the videos for the first time, then reviewing this list again to see what you can’t live without!
A PRIDE OF LIONS | daniel smith watercolors needed - rhodonite genuine, pyrrol orange, rose of ultramarine, hematite genuine, bismuth yellow | additional supplies needed - all white paper towels and sewing machine or needle and thread
A SOLITARY OCTOPUS | daniel smith watercolors needed - quinacridone purple, blue apatite genuine, serpentine green, sleeping beauty turquoise, kyanite genuine | additional supplies needed - pitt pen #133-magenta-fine point
A PILLOWFORT OF KITTENS | daniel smith watercolors needed - nickel azo yellow, indigo, lavendar, napthamide maroon, pyrrol red | additional supplies needed - none
A JOURNEY OF GIRAFFES | daniel smith watercolors needed - cobalt violet, indian yellow, graphite gray, rose madder, deep scarlet | additional supplies needed - liquid frisket and cotton swabs
A DONSEY OF GNOMES | daniel smith watercolors needed - opera pink, new gamboge, french ultramarine blue, hookers green, rare green earth | additional supplies needed - none

Ready to shop? I've done most of the work for you! If you want to grab class-specific brands, tools or supplies for this class, you'll find them on my SUPPLIES page. Just click on the ART TROOP NO. 5 | Series 2 box!