Two Upcoming Workshops — Join me!

Hello, Hello, Hello, adorable gang of mine!!! A quick (down & dirty) Sunday note! I have TWO workshops coming up. Here are the details!!!! (ps. because I would love to see you there!). If you live in California or you feel like a quick trip….Oh, c’mon! It’s going to be all kinds of fun!! Just click away below and you will find all the info! April 9, 2017 a one-day (step-by-step) workshop at A Work of Heart Studio San Jose, CA May 13, 2017 a one-day (step-by-step) workshop at Running With Scissors Studio Sacramento, CA    

A Color Narrative — Join me!

  Guys!!!!  Only 24 hours left to get the early registration price of $32 for my New course  “A Color Narrative” coming up next month, on the Jeanne Oliver Network!. This course is filled so many new ideas, techniques and inspiration! We begin — March 6th. Come on! Join in the fun!!!! . . . . . Color tells stories and shares emotion in ways words can’t. In our time together, I’ll help you discover the beauty of each color and the stories they are ready to help you share through your art. We’ll begin by learning how to build limited color palettes that travel well and push you to figure out how to create your own beautiful colors. Once we have built our palettes, we’ll learn to mix a plethora of colors with a series of simple questions and adjustments. Next, we’ll work on some exercises that will reveal the …