Filled with yummy watercolors, detailed illustrations and lots of organized ways to grow your own creative practice, THE ART OF CREATIVE WATERCOLOR: Inspiration and Techniques for Imaginative Drawing and Painting will be available on Amazon for pre-order in late-summer 2017

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Find your artistic creativity with delicate doodles, big colors and lavish layers! CreativeGIRL features art projects that teach you how to draw and paint your story using pencils, watercolor paints and simple mixed-media supplies. Danielle Donaldson shows you how to draw the pretty pictures from your imagination, infuse your art with delightful color combinations and work through creative frustration with simple fixes. You’ll learn how to paint with watercolor, tell visual stories with and without words and add depth with layers using mixed-media techniques and little details–all while finding inspiration and gaining confidence in your own artistic style. Draw, paint, layer and create! More than 30 techniques and projects including drawing, painting and adding layers for artists and aspiring artists of all levels. Learn how to draw and paint figures such as creativeGIRL, busyGIRL and tutuGIRL. Then create your own girl to channel your story

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creativeGIRL go-to kit

  • Grumbacher Pan Watercolor Set (Transparent, 24-colors, beginner-level artist grade)
  • Watercolor-only brushes in a variety of sizes (angle, oval, dagger & round)
  • Clear container of clean water/paper towels
  • Mechanical pencils (.3 HB lead)
  • table salt
  • white vinyl eraser
  • white paint markers
  • watercolor paper (Cold Press, #140 weight)
  • artist tape
  • oversized clipboard/lap-sized white board

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creativeGIRL: Watercolor Words Workshop 

From watercolor to crayons, learn how to create distinctive quotes that can be hung and shared. With this step-by-step video, you can bring to life your favorite words and create a stylistic collage. By beginning with just a few words, you will be able to focus on color composition. Throughout the video, you will gradually incorporate more words and learn tips on how to work with water-color and other mediums.

64 minutes of premier workshop instruction
4 mini projects to use as practice before a final project
Tips and techniques to create meaningful and unique quotes

 (Available through Cloth Paper Scissors)
INSTANT DOWNLOAD (Available through Cloth Paper Scissors)


Watercolor Story Blocks (DVD or instant download)

If you want to expand your knowledge of collage and watercolor, this instructional video will give you the tricks and techniques to do so. By first designing collaged blocks of color for your painting, you can quickly enter the world of imagination and creativity. Construct upon this collage by using watercolor and pencils to stencil in buildings and landscapes.

72 minutes of premier workshop instruction
Two-story blocks with step-by-step instruction
Collage, drawing and watercolor painting techniques

 (Available through Cloth Paper Scissors)
INSTANT DOWNLOAD (Available through Cloth Paper Scissors)


Watercolor Illustrations (DVD or instant download)

Artist Danielle Donaldson will provide detailed instruction for creating a water-color composition. Work with collage paper, washi tape, and other fun media. Learn how to arrange a visually unique piece that features some of your favorite items. This video workbook will help you design a charming illustration while teaching you the techniques needed for water-color painting!


61 minutes of premier workshop instruction
10 mixed-media techniques that cover drawing, watercolor painting, & more
Tips for identifying and fixing problem areas during the artistic process

 (Available through Cloth Paper Scissors)
INSTANT DOWNLOAD (Available through Cloth Paper Scissors)