badass unicorns and a BIG dose of refocus.

Tomorrow I begin my 30-day social media rehab course with Tiffany Han, Life/Creative/BIGdream coach.

Quite honestly, I don’t know what is in store for me. But. It has to be better than my haphazard attempts to piece all this stuff together. There has to be a better way to feel connected, to focus on my art and myself.

Pretty sure that I can just throw it out there HERE (on this website) because my audience is limited. Safety in small numbers.

So, with all of that said.

I am applying for a new job while I am gone.

director of nevertheless, badASS, happy & co.

hope the interview goes well and i get the gig. it’s a start-up and I know the chick who is doing the interviewing (she is quite a perfectionist/pessimist/wallower/hand-thrower-up-in-the-air/stomp-her-foot in the unfairness of it all kind of girl – at least that’s what I have heard through social media)

feel free to leave some love for me. i would love to have a big-filled-up-pocket of it when i return.

ps. i am going to finish my version of badASS unicorn while I am off the proverbial tech juice. stay tuned.



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    ok you know what’s crazy? all your posts appeared in my google reader this week – as if you posted them just this week – but I’m realizing now that your posts are from months ago… guess I’m a little behind. oh well, I’ve been enjoying them nonetheless! 🙂 By the way, I totally hear you re: safety in numbers. I recently switched my blog over but haven’t advertised it heavily until I get my groove. 🙂

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