A common question that I get all the time is, “where do you get the ideas for your artwork?”. I have often shared that I am inspired by everything around me and items that I encounter in my everyday life.  I continually challenge myself to view these items with a creative lens.  I push myself to see these things in a different way, use a different perspective (pun totally intended!) and ultimately find the creative story that is asking to be shared.  This is a practice that I have cultivated over many years as a professional artist and I recognize that this may not come as easily to everyone else.    

To help foster your creative practice and ignite your imagination, I have created The What-if Stories The What-if Stories are based upon a set of stories that I have written, each including flexible variations (people, places, things, etc.) that are randomly changed each time a story is generated.  This wonderful tool can provide you with the creative story or inspiration that you need to jump-start your creative practice.  

I encourage you to play around with the What-if Stories.   Challenge yourself to create using the stories generated and see how these stories can fuel your creativity and expand your artistic boundaries.  I’d love to see what you create, please share your art work and tag #whatifstories