studying under the masters. class starts tomorrow.

If you haven’t taken the time to sign up for Studying Under the Masters. You should. This is going to be so amazing people. And it starts TOMORROW!  If you want a chance to win me and register for the class.  Hit the PayaPal button below and join me! (You can only be eligible for the drawing of ME if you purchase the class through MY website.) Once you have purchased your space with the PayPal button below –  please register at Jeanne Olvier’s creative network (this is free).  Once your membership is approved you will be added manually to the course.  This can take up to 72 hours.  Once you have been given access please go to the main page of Studying Under The Masters, click +join in the upper right hand corner and you will be in.

creative collaboration. courtney walsh.

my friend, courtney walsh has a way with words. she puts things in perspective. makes you think. dig a little deeper. and she is a bonafide writer with published books and everything. and she is sweet. and open. i love that i have connected with her. she posted these words earlier this week. and it really resonated with me. so i just messaged her and said (because if any of you know me, i randomly put fear of rejection aside and just ask.) hey, can I combine your words with my art and give the print away? because i want to throw some danielle-ish love out there. so here it is. i hope you love it enough to print it as a reminder that you are a good person. and sometimes you just have to move on. (just right-click and save) move on.

i support creative practicing. jen osborn.

This post is the fifth in my new series, “I support creative practicing”. Over the course of the next few weeks I will be sharing some of the creative souls that help me to grow as an artist.  Each of them openly acknowledges who pushes them to grow their art. Each of them supports the process of creative practicing. Soaking it all in, learning from all sorts of creatives and then turning it all into something that they can call their own. As it should be. Seriously. This week I am happy to share one of my favorite peeps, jen osborn. We are able to have complete conversations using only FB stickers. I love that. Tell me about what is sitting on your art table right now. Who inspired you to create it? What did you see that spurred you into action?  Can we see a picture of it?   Right …