i am offering up the prettiest pieces of me.

DON 5509b 300 copy i am offering up the prettiest pieces of me.


all I can say is WHEW! this whole biz end of the art thing is EXHAUSTING. seriously.

but it is time to let go of some of my work that i love most. time to fly to different parts of the big blue marble.

i was telling sweetBOY (now age 20. ack!) about trying to sum up the courage to sell my originals. he said it was his favorite part of my process. it meant that pieces of me were everywhere. and how can that not be a good thing.

so there you go. i am offering up the prettiest pieces of me.

i was working on updating my portfolio with a new little twist. my originals that are available for sale have their own category. if you want to see if your fave is listed just head to my portfolio page and click on “original available for purchase”.  The size and price and such are listed right below the pieces that are now available. i will be adding more over the next few days BUT if it is in my portfolio and not on the “available” page – it has already sold (that is another batch of updates. argh.)

ps. if you are thinking – hey, danielle – what about prints? i am working on it. although i have a rule going into it. if the original hasn’t sold, there won’t be prints of it. so if you love it, make it yours. and i will be honored to have a piece of me in your corner of the world.


creativeGIRL class love.

classgoodness 580x580 creativeGIRL class love. Last week my first solo online class went live.  Wow. This online class thing is a whole new world to me. So much to share and learn and move forward with! (btw. the class content is available for a year so you can still get your creative on.  creativeGIRL: the land of light and shadows). and thank you again jeanne oliver for giving me the opportunity to shine.

(An amazingly awesome bit of love from kooky makes about my class inserted here)

My work always features translucency which is one of the many things I love about Danielle’s work. This made it easy to copy her techniques step by step in a few pieces but then create a piece of my own by substituting some of the materials with ones I love working with & changing the subject matter to things I love to paint.’ Thank you for such an awesome class. You and your badass self rock!

And about that creative practicing thing. you can read more about it HERE. Seriously. This class is such an inspiring example of positive and creative sharing and practicing. it makes my heart happy.

Over the course of the “live” week of my class, several members asked (in different ways) how to feel comfortable sharing and owning their work. it took me a while to find the right words. the words that might make sense to peeps. and then i think i put the right words together.

When comparison monsters rear their ugly heads and scare you out of sharing. (I know you know what I am talking about.)

I think (and this is totally my opinion) that often when I felt most insecure or worried about sharing stuff is when I hadn’t made the process or the piece my own. That step where you take the stuff from all that you see, all the classes you take, all the creative dreaming you do, and make it your own. That is not to say sharing the process (like when you are working on a specific project in my class) is a bad thing – it is an awesome thing!

True creative souls LOVE to build each other up and share the good, bad and ugly. BUT when you look at your work and feel like you have made something the world hasn’t seen – that is when comparison doesn’t matter and confidence takes over. Each of you have that in you. Take bits and pieces of what you learn and see and make it your own. You go, girls. You go!

So that sums it up. And then beautiful things happen. Here are some of the pieces my little creative souls made in the last couple of weeks. After watching me. After practicing my stuff. They made it theirs. I love that I can see little bits of me in them. And I love that they shared and owned it. Like rockstars.

  • doodle flower by Sara Fitton, Ditsy Bird Designs - http://instagram.com/ditsybird
  • creativeFAIRY by  Veronica Hurly – FB
  • girl with words by Lindsay Ostrom – blog
  • rainbowish portrait by kooky makes -FB
  • beautiful flowers by daria pneva – blog
  • lovely blooms by lisa wright – FB

I am off for a great graduation adventure this weekend. cuteGIRL is so excited as is her super proud mom. catch all y’all on the flipside. it’s time to hit it!