creativeGIRL: The Land of Light and Shadows (a GINORMOUS givaway)

minigirl NO5 givaway 393x580 creativeGIRL: The Land of Light and Shadows (a GINORMOUS givaway)

Hello peeps! Only a few days left to sign up at the earlybird price ($28) for my first solo e-course hosted by the ever-so-lovely Jeanne Oliver.

Some lucky duck will receive a fun package filled with $130 worth of my fave supplies and this super sassy mini original valued at $70.  Just follow Jeanne’s instructions on her blog post HERE.

You can read about and sign up for my class HERE. Remember, you need to first register as a member on her .ning site (it’s totally free). Once you are a member you can choose my class and sign up for it.

So if you are on the fence. Get off. For goodness sakes!


who wants a spot in christy tomlinson’s boot series workshop?


christy 580x486 who wants a spot in christy tomlinsons boot series workshop?


So excited to offer a spot in christy tomlinson’s new online course! you will love her new perspective that she has embraced with these super cute projects and lessons. just leave a comment about your fave pair of boots or your dream boots (just to make it fun) and I will draw a winner on Saturday, March 29th. Good luck, peeps!


The Boot Series Workshop

This workshop is a 3 week online workshop on sketching, creating and painting my boot series girls using watercolors! This class starts Tuesday, April 1st and once it starts you will have access to this workshop for 2 full years! Want to know more? here we go!

Christy’s wanted me to be sure to share the fabulous projects she will sharing with you over the course….

In week one, we will go over my inspiration process. I will share with you where I find inspiration and how to sketch them! Boots in particular can be hard and tricky to sketch, because you have to make sure you capture the depth of of the foot in the drawing. I will share with you the right and wrong way to this process, so you can see both!

 I will show you how to sketch with a simply mechanical pencil, but also how to sketch using a stabilo which gives a cool shading affect when wet! The results are very different but both are very fun!

 I will share with you my process for sketching, boots and clothing of ALL kinds! I will go over ideas for digging into your own closest to find inspiration for sketching as well! We will sketch several girls from lots of different season including spring, summer, winter, fall and even special holidays! It’s going to be so much fun!

Week two we will start the week by going over  the basics of watercolors and brushes.  I will share with you my techniques on what are my favorite watercolor mediums to use (as there are several options out there) and what works best for the techniques I do!

 We will go over watercolor brushes, how different brushes & watercolors give you different looks and different results. THEN we will paint our sketches using the knowledge we have learned! I  will go in depth on how I paint, shade, and highlight my girls and make the sketches start to come to life!

Week three I will share with you the final details on how I make my watercolors come to life! I will share with you my techniques on doodling using several different types of pen. Different pens to create different affects including using both black and white pens!  I will also show you a extra fun twist by adding texture to watercolors with the use of stamps, Rubons and patterns. I will show you how to add the detail that is what makes it truly YOU and whimsical and fun.I will share with you my favorite pens for doodling and my favorite pens for adding additional shading and even highlighting.

 I will also share you with some quick ideas for taking your watercolor supplies on the go! It will be a SUPER fun week!

I so hope you will join me in this fun new workshop! 

To join in on the fun – you can register at: