life book 20I5 – a blog hop.(and giveaway)

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I am so stoked to be part of the Life Book 2015 gang. Registration opens October 6th, so get ready to take this year long journey with an amazing group of creatives. We each have some pretty amazing fun planned for you. I hope you will consider joining in. And did I mention we are going to have SO much fun!

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And to put the cherry on top. I am giving away on FREE SPOT. If you leave a comment on this post and sign up for my newsletter (its on my sidebar), I will enter you in the drawing. Your comment should include why you would love to be part of this next Life Book tour and that you have signed up for my newsletter. No really, easy peasy.  The winner will be randomly picked and announced on September 19th (thats a Friday).

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Now just check out all of the juicy, creative goodness.

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YOU are here!
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Head on over HERE tomorrow!
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Come join me for Life Book 2015 and don’t forget registration opens October 6th. And if you sign up through me, well lets just say there is an awesome prize for one very lucky girl! Just click here to get more juicy information. This is really going to be a fun ride.

your uniqueness

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sweetBOY and I were chatting about the dreaded copying thing.  where the line is. what to say. when to be flattered.

i have talked a lot about creative practicing and what that looks like to me. when everything I have soaked up and studied becomes mine.

it’s ok to copy when you are practicing. some would disagree and that is totally ok. i know that when i need to learn how to draw a unicorn. i have to look at a picture of an unicorn. every single artist looks at other artists work. judges it in their own mind. mentally circles the parts that speak to her. crosses the other stuff off the list of possibilities. everyone. and if they say they don’t, i call bull****. unless they are a hermit with no power and no access to a mailbox. those guys get a pass.

when is it not ok?

for me. (and let me repeat it. FOR ME) it’s when you stare at it long enough that it is emblazoned in your noggin and you don’t even know it. and then you put it on paper. and you still don’t even know it but you pretty much recreated that tattooed mental image. when you hit the upload button and sweat it out a little inside. (pretty sure you know what I am talking about.) and then you share it as your own. often we don’t do it on purpose. sometimes not though. 

i am not the girl that is going to sit around and point fingers. i honestly don’t have the energy to spare. but I need a way to see it and let it go with goodness. and i need to give the world a little grace. and mostly i need remind myself to be flattered that someone loves my stuff enough to take time to work it into their own art and that the process makes them happy. because even creative goodness rolls downhill and I am NOT on top of the hill. not by a long shot.

sweetBOY listens to me as I decide which side of the fence to sit on today (hormones may be involved). and he says.

your uniqueness comes from style, not content.  -clay donaldson

and that puts me exactly where I need to be. no fences involved.