CLASSROM FAQ’S AND HELP | check out the info below and if you still need assistance, well by all means, contact us!

To become a member of a class on my site, please follow the directions below:

1 | On the landing page (home page) Click on LEARN and choose MY CLASSROOM from the list.
2 | Click on SEE MORE button at the bottom of class graphic.
3 | Scroll down past class information and click TAKE THIS COURSE.
4 | This will open a new screen. Click ADD TO CART.
5 | You’ll see a light blue box at the top of the page that indicates the class has been added to your cart. Click VIEW CART.
6 | This will open a new screen. If you are a RETURNING CUSTOMER, click the link in the top, light blue box. OR if you are a new customer, complete the form including your username email and password. Please type your email and password CAREFULLY and make a note of both!

More than likely, you are not logged in on the site.  Simply follow the steps below to log in:

  1. On the Navigation Bar at the top of YOUR COURSES page, click LOG IN with your USER NAME and PASSWORD. 
  2. Return to YOUR COURSES page and the courses will be listed below the green bar.
  3. Additionally, you can click EXPAND ALL in small print – just above the green bar to view your progress in each then click on one to go directly to the course.
You will only see the contents of your courses below if you are “logged in” to the site. If you see “Log In” in the Navigation Bar above instead of “Log Out” then you are not logged in. Please click and Log In above and then you can come back! Otherwise, this page will be empty beyond the text below.

All courses you are a member of are below in the green box. You can choose the “Expand All” view on the top right to view your progress in each as well as click on one to go directly to the course. If you need to edit your profile here at, see your picture on the left and choose “edit profile”

Once you’re logged into the site, you’ll land on the ‘Home’ page for the site.

Look to the right. There’s a lovely navigation bar where you’ll find ‘WORKSHOPS’. Hover here and select ‘ONLINE’ from the pop-up box.

This will take you directly to your unique classroom profile page, “YOUR COURSES”. The courses you are enrolled in will be listed below your profile information.

Be sure to mark your individual lessons as complete once you’ve finished them so the program can track your progress. Above all, enjoy!

Once you’ve made it to the actual lesson, you’ll see a pretty image that says HANDOUTS. To the right, a “CLICK HERE” link along with instructions.  The image is NOT clickable.
Be sure to check the good ol’ spam/junk folder. It may have slipped through the ‘legitimate e-mail’ cracks!
Lifetime access or as long as this site is open. Videos are NOT downloadable.

CLASSROOM NOTES |instructions

  1. Just look for the yellow TAKE NOTES tab on the upper right corner of your CLASSROOM screen.
  2. Click on the tab and the pink and yellow box will magically appear. when you are done, you can:

OPTION 1 | Although you can use the SAVE button (see option 2) I highly suggest clicking on the small paper icon with the W to save your notes to a word document.

OPTION 2 | Click SAVE to save the notes to your online account. To access them again, open the TAKE NOTES tab and you can edit and add to them if you like.

OPTION 3 | Click PRINT (the little printer icon)

IMPORTANT! This gadget is only accessable to members in the classroom. I am not responsible for lost homework. Notes cannot be recovered!

I am a huge proponent of watching the videos in the course prior to adding any supplies to your stash. You may find that a specific part of the process doesn’t speak to you or you have something on hand that will allow you to try it out first.

YES and NO. FB pages are a TON of work behind the scenes but we do have an awesome forum for class members! You are automatically enrolled when you purchase a class AND you can share photos of your work and meet like-minded creatives and connect outside of this site, too!

If you are copying my project or example, SURE. BUT ONLY if you tag or link me or my website. All I ask is that you don’t share the process or specific supplies. These classes are my heart and soul and the bread-winning part of my full-time business. BUT – I would love it if you would tag me so I can love you up!
If you are copying my project or example, NOPE. It’s way too easy for the original artist to get lost in translation. If you have practiced enough to make it yours, then of course you can. Don’t know if it’s yours yet? CLICK HERE for some ideas about creative practicing and developing your own style.
No – I do not give refunds for classes for technical issues that are beyond my control. The class is tested on PC’s, MAC’s and iPad’s prior to release day to ensure everything is working correctly. Not all classes will be a good fit for you – although I have a great track record – whether it be the content, pace, subject, level or techniques or even my personality (LOL) – please read the course description prior to purchasing my classes. With that said, I am always open to constructive feedback. (Emphasis on constructive.) If you would like to send feedback, please email me at
As with all things related to technology, sometimes the relationship is just ‘complicated’. We get it. So, we have an inbox dedicated to just your issue. E-mail us at and let us know what you’ve encountered! We’re here to help you get the most out of your course.