Here are a few things sitting on my art table right now….
no. 1 | A brand, new Silhouette Cameo 3  no. 2 | A Pixscan mat to scan and cut my art for my shop. Very, very exciting!   no. 3 | Because I binged-watched REIGN on Netflix and Mary Queen of Scots is someone I need to know more about (pre-order)   no. 4 | I tear out a sheet and use it as a giant notepad and color tester while I am working   no. 5 | Because a book about actually using crayons as an adult is always a must.

Have you signed up for one of my workshops or classes? Are you ready to tackle the supply list but don’t know where to start? Well you are in the right place! Please be sure to refer to your specific class information on the host’s website or registration email you received – the supplies may vary slightly!

Remember, these are just suggestions – there is no obligation to buy exactly what I have or through my site. This section is just my way of giving you a peek into what I use and an easy starting point.  If there is something on the supply list that is NOT included in my links, it means it is either an easy item you should be able to buy locally or pull from your current supplies OR it was not available on Amazon.

One more clerical thing – I am not responsible for broken links, incorrect, defective, unsatisfactory product orders, or delays in shipping. It is your responsibility to double-check what you are buying. Totally a dorky thing to have to include but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Read disclosure area for more details…

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Artist-grade watercolors I currently use two brands of watercolors, Daniel Smith tube watercolors and Sennelier pan watercolors. Both are higher-end watercolors and are an investment. If you do not have experience with watercolors, you can use a set you have on-hand but you may be able to create, blend or lift colors as do in my class videos and in-person classes. If you have taken my previous classes, I have recommended the Grumbacher Transparent Pan Watercolors. This is still a great set and a good place to start BUT I will not be using them in my videos or in my in-person classes. We are taking it up a notch this year.

  • Daniel Smith Tube Watercolors By far my most favorite paints. The colors are stunning and so full of life! You’ll have to build your own set with these. I suggest going in on tubes with friends and sharing via mail. I will show you how I set up my palette in class. You’ll also see “dot” color charts if you click on the link. These dot charts are a great way to try out the paints and probably have enough to paint a few illustrated animals and figure out how seriously awesome the paints are!
  • Sennelier Pan Watercolors These pan watercolors are stunning. Super rich deep color pigment and they travel really well. There are several different colors and you can pop out different colors and replace them with new faves as you use them and get to know them. You can also pop them out and put them in whatever order you like. This is a MUST for me!
  • Grumbacher Transparent Watercolor Set This is a newbie set. If you have been using these for a while, it’s time to take it up a notch. If you don’t want to invest and want to buy something – buy these. Be sure to buy the TRANSPARENT SET!!

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