creative practicing

Do you feel like you are cheating when you use inspiration from Pinterest?

Do you hesitate to share your work because you worry that you might be accused of copying someone?

Are you uncomfortable asking for help from those you admire?

Well, I say enough of that nonsense.

Creative practicing.  The practice of learning and growing from others. The practice of reaching out to those who inspire you and telling them thank you. The practice of studying other creative’s style – and then making it your own. The practice of sharing your process.

In my new blog series, i support creative practicing, I will be sharing some of the creative souls that help me to grow as an artist.  Each of them openly acknowledges who pushes them to grow their art. Each of them supports the process of creative practicing. Soaking it all in, learning from all sorts of creatives and then turning it all into something that they can call their own. As it should be. Seriously.

I think it is really important that we find a way to acknowledge that we all (every single one of us) practices by emulating other artists, old and new, to learn and grow our own style of creating. We need to start openly sharing that we pull inspiration from everything and tuck it away in our noggin to use another time. And that the beauty in all of this is that there is a magic moment when it all comes together and becomes something that is ours alone. I want fingers to point at others in a positive rather than negative way.

(So basically, I hate the copying foshizz that is going on. The accusations, the fear of sharing my process, and the folks who actually copy things without taking the time to make it their own. And most certainly the negative drama that ensues within ourselves, our friends and peeps we don’t even know.) *I am not saying it is ok to blatantly copy and sell it as your own – that’s copyright infringement and just bad juju. So don’t hate on me in the Comments section.

So join me in celebrating our growth as creative’s in an open and positive way. Please feel free to grab the graphic above and share it. And if you add it to your blog, let me know and I will add you (and your website or blog) to my list of supporters. I encourage you to write about what creative practicing looks like to you. And how you can support other creative peeps. (Be sure to add a link to this page so i can keep track of all y’all.

note: a creative practicing credo/mantra/checklist is in the works so let me know what you think!

we support creative practicing.

danielle donaldson

kelly barton

jeanne griffin oliver

jen osborn

jo freeman

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  1. is there any way i could get a kit I just found
    your web and love your art I would like to know if you give class I would take one Thank You so much
    for helping other to see what can be done love it thank you DMC

  2. Hi Danielle, I am a new fan. I love your concept of creative practicing. As a new self-taught artist i am slowly finding my way and often worry about the copying thing. I am learning techniques and skills from other artists and hopefully finding my own way and style in the process. I have added your image to my blog. ( ). Thank you for bringing a voice to what I think so many of us are already thinking. xo Jo

    1. Post

      Jo – thanks so much for taking the time to let me know that this resonates with you. I love that you are putting yourself out there to learn and grow as a new artist. And acknowledging that we all learn in the same way. And it’s a good thing. Not something to fret over. 🙂

  3. HI Daniel,
    I signed up for the class and I am very excited. I completely feel the way you explained. SO i am excited to learn and be inspired..Thank you G

  4. I added your creative practicing badge to my blog. I think this idea is great. I have learned a ton from some fabulous women artists such as Suzi Blu, Danita, Pam Carriker, Misty Mawn, Melody Ross, Christy Tomlinson, Kelly Rae Roberts, and Tamara Laporte (aka Willowing). They have taught me technical skills to bring my artistic visions to life. They have also inspired me with their own work. I don’t feel that I am copying any of them at all, unless I am completely blind to it. I have recently started my own art biz, and I am just thankful to finally be able to join the conversation we are having in this brave new world of mixed media art!

    1. Post

      Thank you SO much Christina! I really do believe we can turn the ship around and create a more positive experience for everyone!

  5. Couldn’t agree more Danielle! Love that you’re on a mission to encourage creative practicing, I’ll join you. Pinned your creative practicing badge and added it to my blog sidebar. Thank you! G

  6. Awesome! I love this concept vocalized. I’m so sick of a few artists that honestly believe they invented their particular method of doing things, such as laying out a face diagram. NOT. I wasn’t born able to paint or mix color or draw. I had to learn and practice. I’m no great artist, only someone who wants to have fun and learn from others. Thank you!

  7. You don’t know how glad I am to hear an artist say this. I was shocked a few weeks ago as a group of women shredded a select few other women on the internet on this very subject. One was a published Tole artist designer & I now refuse to buy any of her books or patterns. Myself and another woman privately discussed this very issue. It is almost impossible to take classes & do projects from other artist’s to not copy in some way or form. As you said and I agree, unless you blatantly copy and sell as your own. Thank you!

  8. I’m w/u.

    learning from the masters of ur chosen craft/work/biz/sport are foundation steps 2 ur own style, way, process of completing and success.

    ur own style will not emerge until u have mastered the tool/technique 4 ur self through being in ur studio/at ur desk, practicing…day after day-creating something from nothing.


  9. I Love Christy art she was the first one I took I class from and I love it it was the she girls I loved to see her painted a friend always dmclem 42

  10. just found your site and love it and love y our thoughts. Gonna go thru your archives to learn more. Wonderful

  11. Wonderful site, been following your blog, but never actually visited your site until now. I wanted to grab your creative practicing graphic, but it’s not there – at least in my browser.

  12. So happy to have found your site. I am a retired educator and am having so much fun learning art techniques from others in my own creative practicing journey. I am having fun with various art forms and love taking online classes and following so many wonderful artists thru their sites and blogs. I copy a lot taking classes, following instructions and watching videos so I can learn all I can. I discover new ways to make art. It inspires me to do better. I love your art. Thanks for sharing it!

  13. Wow…just found your site through Jeanne Oliver and couldn’t believe how you were talking to me. It’s like saying it’s ok to be inspired by emulating other artist’s work as you discover your own style. You have to start somewhere. I also agree that we bring them along with us as we grow, sharing with others so they can grow too.
    So now I have two more names to add to my list…yours and Jeanne’s.
    Thank you for being you.

  14. Danielle, I am taking one of your classes through Jeanne Oliver and love the Creative Girls book. I am signed up to take a class with you at DD Studio in April. Can’t wait!! I did a watercolor girl recently that I LOVE but feared because I had used some of your techniques that this would be copyright infringement. I have really been loving playing with watercolor. Thank you for your kind support of us who are newer to the world of creative art.

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