creativeGIRL: mixed-media techniques for an artful life

I am ridiculously happy to announce that my book creativeGIRL: mixed-media techniques for an artful life (just click on the title or the cover and it will take you to the right place) is now available for pre-order ON AMAZON peeps! I do hope that you will consider adding it to your holiday wish list. I promise it is full of fun and amazingly do-able techniques and projects. and leave a comment if you do pre-order to make this girl smile even more.

cover 448x580 creativeGIRL: mixed media techniques for an artful life

goodness gracious golly gosh. says creativeGIRL.

goodness 580x580 goodness gracious golly gosh. says creativeGIRL.


my very first solo online class is starting on monday!

awesome projects. new stuff to give you a spark in your own super lovely creative way.

are you in?

if you aren’t, there’s still time to join me. just $34 and you have access to the videos for a whole year!

to read more and enroll just head over to creativeGIRL: The Land of Light and Shadows

creativeGIRL final logo 580x412 goodness gracious golly gosh. says creativeGIRL.

bigHUGE extra-exciting news (and a giveaway)

IMAGINATION 580x580 bigHUGE extra exciting news (and a giveaway)

sometimes you just have to imagine the goodness around the corner.

and then let it go and just do what you do to get things done.

and sometimes it feels like that corner is a bazillion miles away.

and you tuck in bits and pieces of what you love to do in the gaps in between all of it.

and then the around the corner stuff? it actually happens.

out of the blue. and it is flippin’ awesome.

i am so excited to share that i was asked to share my art and my process in a book with North Light Books!

creativeGIRL is going to be an author. seriously. so much happiness about this.


and to celebrate, just sign up for my newsletter on the side bar and leave me a note on this post and you will have a chance to will an original tutuGIRL – just for you.

so get to it (and sharing the love might just give you bonus points) I will pick a winner on Monday.


creativeGIRL: The Land of Light and Shadows (a GINORMOUS givaway)

minigirl NO5 givaway 393x580 creativeGIRL: The Land of Light and Shadows (a GINORMOUS givaway)

Hello peeps! Only a few days left to sign up at the earlybird price ($28) for my first solo e-course hosted by the ever-so-lovely Jeanne Oliver.

Some lucky duck will receive a fun package filled with $130 worth of my fave supplies and this super sassy mini original valued at $70.  Just follow Jeanne’s instructions on her blog post HERE.

You can read about and sign up for my class HERE. Remember, you need to first register as a member on her .ning site (it’s totally free). Once you are a member you can choose my class and sign up for it.

So if you are on the fence. Get off. For goodness sakes!


word. surround yourself with the right peeps.

strengthsig 580x435 word. surround yourself with the right peeps.

I don’t often share deep, meaningful stories. And, well, I am not going to start now.

But sometimes the right words fall into place and capture something. A conversation, an overwhelming moment of goodness. BIG. HUGE. colorful epiphanies.

I realized the someone I love gets me way more than I thought.  Way more than I gave credit for. And things are just good.

So I finally figured out that it is all about surrounding yourself with the right peeps. And being very aware of the wrong peeps.

surround yourself with those who see your weaknesses as strengths, not your strengths as weaknesses

hurt, not angry

caring, not “too sensitive”

guarded, not bitter

thoughtful, not worried

strong, not weak

quiet, not absent

It may not make any sense to anyone but me. that’s ok. it may mean something entirely different to you. but i hope you know that you are full of all sorts of good stuff. don’t let anyone tell you differently. with their words or actions.

so there.

and hey, I have a new online class. want to join me? i would love that. creativeGIRL: The Land of Light and Shadows. earlybird pricing people. take advantage of it.

creativeGIRL: the land of light and shadows


creativeGIRL final logo 580x412 creativeGIRL: the land of light and shadowsI am so stinkin’ excited to share that I am FINALLY teaching my very own online class. (Hopefully the first of many) Jeanne Oliver has graciously offered to play hostess-with-the-mostest.

creativeGIRL: The Land of Light and Shadows.

 Once upon a time there was a tiny-ish girl who loved to cut, draw, and paint. She saw things in the sunshine and shadows that other people never seemed to notice. She bounced all that wonderfulness around inside her noggin for a bit, and out popped magical pieces of art that told her stories when words couldn’t.

I’m that girl, and guess what? I want to share a part of my creativeSTORY with you. YES YOU!

creativeGIRL art 580x580 creativeGIRL: the land of light and shadows

The Land of Light and Shadow is a one week course with me (creativeGIRL) that will inspire you to add depth to your work by using a bunch of super fun techniques. You’ll play with all sorts of mediums including pencil and pen work, watercolors, acrylics and patterned paper creating yummy layers. And just when you think you are done, you’ll practice adding highlights and tucking in shadows here and there to make your art sparkle. Sounds awesome, right?

Please join me the week of April 28th for a romp with watercolors and white pens and all sorts of creative shenanigans into The Land of Light and Shadows.

This is a one week class with everything instantly available on April 28th!

The course has an early registration price of $28.  After April 1st the price goes to $34

So hurry my little earlybirds! Go grab your spot today right here: creativeGIRL: The Land of Light and Shadows

back by popular demand

IMG 5782 580x580 back by popular demand


well, by a handful of peeps that love/push me at least.

it is time (and has been for a lifetime) to work towards a fulfilling creative life. while i am quite good at marketing and technology and managing my time. i am NOT good at believing in myself enough to know that i deserve success. i am NOT good at pacing myself. and I am NOT good at opening up to the world with my words.

This is my start (or restart). my website.

  1. grow my art by actually creating a gallery
  2. build my creative circle by sharing my way of creating
  3. learn how to teach virtually
  • since my schedule (and bills) don’t allow me (yet) to do the full-time art thing
  • to hopefully create opportunities to teach in person in the future

it is all about self-acceptance, opening up and accepting all the good that will come with it.

peeking around the creative corner.