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creativeGIRL: storybooks and studious girls (new online course!)

2015 storybookclass  566x580 creativeGIRL: storybooks and studious girls (new online course!)


well happy sparkly new year peeps! i hope that each of you had an amazing end to 2014 and a splendid start to 2015!

yesterday, earlybird registration opened for my new online course – creativeGIRL: Storybooks and studious girls (Content available March 16). And we are off to a roaring start with almost 200 sassy, creative souls in just over 24 hours! i am so thankful and SO EXCITED! (You do NOT have to take my Light and Shadow class to take this class – it has totally new content. But if you haven’t… you might like to take it while we wait for March to roll around!))

It’s time to work small and dream BIG! We’ll start off our week with by building a watercolor storybook from scratch – A big, yummy book with lots of room to illustrate everyday goodness, brilliant layers of water-colors, and colored pencil work.  Next, we’ll explore some of my tried-and-true techniques to help you grow and organize your creative practice in a brand new way. (Insert a few possible a-ha moments and a plethora of sparkly new ideas here.) Then we’ll spend some quality creative-time together imagining up an illustrated (and colorFULL) storybook superstar that you can call your own. But that’s not all! We’ll work through the basics of perspective drawing including color choices, one-point and two-point perspective. To finish up our week, we’ll smoosh all the creative goodness together and fill a page or two with a few of my favorites; a water-colored alphabet, comfy chairs, and a sweet little secret something.


I also have a very special artist/book-binder/supersweet friend that will provide us with a BONUS video on bookbinding. Our storybook is a sweet little danielle-ish take on a golden book and Tricia Alexander has created an exclusive kit (it even has illustrated inside book art!!!!!) with almost everything you need (you just need to supply a few tools – they are listed in the classroom already!) to follow along OR if you want to take advantage of her most excellent book-binding skills, you can purchase the assembled storybook ahead of time and jump right into my lessons. You can order the kits and the books from Tricia’s Etsy shop HERE. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a required supply – you can use any watercolor journal or loose paper you have on hand but my lessons are set up to fill the book with all sorts of wonderful stuff. I do suggest ordering early to be sure you can have it before class starts!

So what are you waiting for?? Join me and a big huge crazy creative group of peeps – to read more and/or register come on over!

The early registration price is $28!

See you in class!


a little paperbag studio love. (and blog hop)

bloghop banner 580x335 a little paperbag studio love. (and blog hop)

so excited to share all this goodness. (and be sure to read to the end. because. well. it’s a blog hop.)

i have long been an admirer of roben-marie roberts-smith and her amazing work.

i am pretty sure there is isn’t a surface, medium or tool that she doesn’t shine at using or transforming.

her videos are the bomb.

her projects rock.

and her stamps. SIGH. awesomeness.

so get this. i am so excited to be on her design team!

she sent her new mixed media essentials stamp set to me last month to play with and i had SO much fun integrating them into my art.


he loves her. my first foray into adding a he-man into my work. love him. and the real life one i married. i water-colored the background and then used the same circle-doodle stamp (with a taupe-colored ink) over and over to create a consistent background then filled in the spaces between them with white ink. i love the subtle and cohesive look it created as a backdrop to my peeps and wording.

dd heandshe web 580x435 a little paperbag studio love. (and blog hop)


sketch book love. this was all about using goodies i have had on hand forever. i began with the large flower stamped in black ink on the front and back of the mini journal and added touches of white ink to make them pop and personalize them a bit. next, i stamped some leftover muslin with a repetitive arrow stamp in a complimentary soft rusty color. last, i folded the muslin strip in half and stitched an opening big enough to hold one of my most favorite sketch pencils and added my pretty little feather bundle and fabric flower trim.

dd sketchbook web 580x437 a little paperbag studio love. (and blog hop)


always. i have been in this most awesome groove creating my girls with big hair lately. this groove includes a lot of white paint and graphite with touches of color here and there. this stamp set inspired me to let go a bit and just play with paper, stamps and lots of color. super love this girl and what she has to say. you can see bits of almost every stamp in this set in all sorts of bitty details. so, so much fun!

dd woodart web 580x466 a little paperbag studio love. (and blog hop)


a display of love. so i had this super old set of stacking plywood frames that were actually supposed to be altered then strung together with ribbon in a row. but i had this idea of creating depth with them to really show off a bitty Instagram picture that is one of my all-time faves. SO. i pulled out a mini stack of patterned paper and stamped several of in the new set over and over again and then cut them out. i took a big ol container of modpodge and just started layering one over the other until all three plywood frames were covered with fun bits of the stamped paper. i stacked the frames (gluing them together with more modmodge and added the words “a display of love” from an old book page. i just used an old mat and frame from a homegoods art piece that i didn’t really like anymore. and there you go! it hangs in the dorm room now and is one of my favorite pieces!

dd layeredframe web 580x435 a little paperbag studio love. (and blog hop)

i seriously loved adding roben-marie’s newest set of stamps into the mix. it gave me a break from the seriousness of my fine-art work and gave me the freedom to just PLAY. if you want to grab your own set (and I know you do!) grab them here.

and now for an extra bit of love – i am giving away my “always” piece to one lucky (at least i think she is) girl! To enter for a chance to win – please do the following:

  1. friend me on fb and leave me a message on my wall – if you are already a friend – just leave a message.
  2. AND share this post on your fb wall mentioning roben-maries new stamp awesomeness.

i will draw a winner on my birthday, sunday, may 5th. good luck! (shipping is limited to the US – if outside the US, you will be charged shipping. Sorry!):

and now to send you on your way to your next blog in the hop!

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And another bit of fun from roben-marie. she is participating in the Stencil Blog Hop beginning on May 2. More about it here!




she is a lucky girl.

PicMonkey Collage 580x580 she is a lucky girl.

she is a lucky girl (copyright-2013 danielle donaldson)

she is a lucky girl is a small but mighty mixed media piece that was inspired by clovers and bingo. my first offering in a series (hopefully) of mixed media kits with online insights into my creative process.

the learning curve was steep given that i had some serious doubts that i could even set up the tripod to capture it. that i couldn’t figure out how to get rid of my hand shadows. that i don’t like waiting for my one-and-only camera battery to recharge.

but here it is. i decided to create a fast-motion video to be sure that 1)you didn’t fall asleep half way through and 2) i could give you a taste-test of my creative ways.  (and it was almost two-hours of video).

and a suggestion. the music is corny. not a good way around it. i strongly suggest that you mute it and turn on your fave pandora station. i played my Madness station while creating it. that will really give you insight.

it includes the whole thing. good and bad. it is really important to me that i share not only the pretty parts but the ugly too. i screw up all the time. and sometimes my screw-ups totally mess with my head. and i work through it. or over it. or around it. we all have a picture in our head going in. just remember no one can match the picture in their head of what they want on the other end. no one can copy what i do exactly. that, my friends is what makes the creative process so frickin AWESOME.

you work through it and get better. and happier. and more confident in your ability to live creative. (and. BONUS POINTS here. it spills into your everyday. you are more open to sharing. learning. letting go of perfect. eyes wide open for brilliant little flashes of GOOD that surround you)

if you decide to play after watching the video – i have 2 kits left. i promise to send them out today – i am only making a dozen for each kit at this time to be sure that they have the love and care that I want to give them. so hurry! you can purchase one HERE.

a quick list of supplies that are MUST-HAVES in my world.

  • liquitex clear gesso
  • liquitex heavy body acrylic (titanium white and buff)
  • golden liquid acrylic (titanium white)
  • golden acrylic glazing liquied (satin)
  • general’s graphite pencils (sketch and wash & layout)

i use all of these in almost every single painting i create. the remainder of the supplies can be found in my clovers and bingo kit.

after watching you will have questions. please feel free to send me a note and i will do my very best to give some additional direction if i can. and be sure to share your art with me. it makes me ok with spending a whole weekend on making this thing.



clovers and bingo. a creative kit. no. 1

cloversbingo 580x580 clovers and bingo. a creative kit. no. 1It seems like forever since I made the decision to share my version of a creative kit. it really hasn’t been. it just seems like it.

so here is the deal and my biggest hope for my kits.

i want to share without all the overthinking. i want to share with the intention of not only putting together pretty things, but creating creative friendships that are tied together with the notion that we all do things a bit differently and we should embrace and share that. (and not spend time hating on peeps for doing it better – or more – or with more confidence – or even talent-and by “hating” – if you know what I mean you are in the right place-i don’t actually mean it in the literal sense-i am a pretty nice person in general) 

so my thought is that I will (allow myself the time to and) have fun putting together something the creates the opportunity for just that. and I am anal and weird and I like organizing and thinking through the possibilities of my version of creative. it gets me going. makes me smile. and I sigh when I am done because it is so stinkin. cute. and. awesome. i LOVE making kits.

so if you want to join in on my version of creative. buy clover and bingo – my first kit from the dorm room. and once you do, we shall play. i plan to share my process, thoughts, materials, and of course frustrations and final pieces. i plan to share using the following (so even if you don’t buy a kit – i hope you will come along for the ride):

pinterest. you can follow my board for this kit.

instagram. i share steps of the process a lot. a lot. (you will probs have to friend me.)

facebook. my blog posts will always show up here. plus little bits of my life.

twitter. not such a fan but i am trying. follow me. that might help. pretty much am talking to myself here.

website. please take a minute to sign up for the feed. email feeds are awesome. front page on bottom of sidebar.

buy clovers and bingo here!

i will be sharing pics, words and even videos. i hope you will join me. you can never have too many kindreds. sharing the good and the bad. everything creative.

and i may not use all of it on one thing. i may not create a masterpiece. i may just create something fun and crafty. that is how this is gonna roll. ok?