back by popular demand

IMG 5782 580x580 back by popular demand


well, by a handful of peeps that love/push me at least.

it is time (and has been for a lifetime) to work towards a fulfilling creative life. while i am quite good at marketing and technology and managing my time. i am NOT good at believing in myself enough to know that i deserve success. i am NOT good at pacing myself. and I am NOT good at opening up to the world with my words.

This is my start (or restart). my website.

  1. grow my art by actually creating a gallery
  2. build my creative circle by sharing my way of creating
  3. learn how to teach virtually
  • since my schedule (and bills) don’t allow me (yet) to do the full-time art thing
  • to hopefully create opportunities to teach in person in the future

it is all about self-acceptance, opening up and accepting all the good that will come with it.

peeking around the creative corner.