creativeGIRL book shenanigans 

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creativeGIRL: mixed media techniques for an artful life. My very own book is now officially shipping to all sorts of creative corners of the world. Pretty darn amazing. And I couldn’t have done it without you. YES. You. Thank you for all the LIKES, the WOOHOO’s, the YOUCANDOITIKNOWITSHARDDANIELLE’s, and the ICANHARDLYWAIT’s Over the course of the next few days and …

some sugary spoonfuls of creative time.

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I’ve mentioned I’m a perfectionist, right? Well, I have been waiting and waiting (and working and working) on my new website. And it is awesome and will be even more awesome in the coming weeks. But I just have to share a few things in the meantime! My very own book release party at the Kennedy School in Portland is SOLD …


it actually IS in the details.

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my 2015 online creativeGIRL course is going live in just a few days – monday, march 16 to be exact. this round is all about really focusing and growing your creative practice in a new way (well, old way for me – new way for you maybe). its about working small. really small. allowing yourself the opportunity to take the …



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so over the last few years i have worked really hard to pull my artist-self up to a place that makes me happy. finding the balance. working all.the.time. 40 hours a week for my day job. and another bazillion as an artist. finding the softness. remembering that there is always something ahead and behind. better and worse. scary and comfortable. …