danielle donaldson, mixed-media artist

Danielle Donaldson began her colorful and creative path in the art world as most young souls do, with crayons and a stack of coloring books. In her earliest years, she soaked in as much as she could about all things color and how to get them on paper in ways that made people smile. In high school and her early years in college, she focused her artistic efforts in watercolor and graphite drawing techniques. She then focused the remainder of her studies in graphic design. In that she learned the careful balance between the stories she tells with her pencils and paints – and – what others around her were drawn to.

After college, Danielle moved to Colorado with her husband, Scott and their growing family and focused her efforts on raising her children and infusing them with her love of visual story-telling. With that shift, she stumbled into the scrapbook world which allowed her to capture the memories of her children and tell the stories. This discovery opened doors for her to work within the scrapbook industry designing products, teaching techniques in small and large venues, and contribute to several books and magazines on a regular basis.

Danielle and her family returned to Northern California in 2001.  She has since sent both of her children to out-of-state universities and has filled her time with learning new art techniques and finding her creative niche again.

Currently Danielle  still lives in Northern California and works with any combination of mediums, particularly watercolor, acrylics and mixed-media.  Each canvas tells her stories that need to be told. Once piece at a time, of course.

Custom inquiries

If you are interested in a custom piece based on a piece she has added to her blog. Please contact her with a private message HERE.



  • Danielle has a background in fine art and a degree in Graphic Design from California State University, Chico.


Past Product Design

  • Frances Meyer
  • Deluxe Designs
  • Memories Complete



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  2. Hi Danielle!!!

    love your site!!! My friend Kelly Barton was telling me about you and your kits… Love them so much;) I’m a shop owner and getting ready to start up craft classes and my favorite thing to do is canvas and modge podge… I think your kits would fit right into my world…happy day!! they start the middle of March…I can’t wait to buy a kit;) Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I’ll be in touch;)

    1. Post

      Hi back! I love Kelly Barton. I am so glad she sent you my way. You let me know when you are up and running – maybe we can work together from a distance!

  3. Hi Danielle, I am your fan #1 I love your art. My son is a graphic designer and artist also, he’s good:), that’s why I identify with you. We are from Jersey

  4. Saw your Wander Blossom fabrics at a quilt shop. They are beautiful! Will be looking for them for a project soon!

  5. I have signed up for your classes but wondering about maybe basic palette of Daniel Smith to start on. Thank you

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