February 2013

clovers and bingo. a creative kit. no. 1

cloversbingo 580x580 clovers and bingo. a creative kit. no. 1It seems like forever since I made the decision to share my version of a creative kit. it really hasn’t been. it just seems like it.

so here is the deal and my biggest hope for my kits.

i want to share without all the overthinking. i want to share with the intention of not only putting together pretty things, but creating creative friendships that are tied together with the notion that we all do things a bit differently and we should embrace and share that. (and not spend time hating on peeps for doing it better – or more – or with more confidence – or even talent-and by “hating” – if you know what I mean you are in the right place-i don’t actually mean it in the literal sense-i am a pretty nice person in general) 

so my thought is that I will (allow myself the time to and) have fun putting together something the creates the opportunity for just that. and I am anal and weird and I like organizing and thinking through the possibilities of my version of creative. it gets me going. makes me smile. and I sigh when I am done because it is so stinkin. cute. and. awesome. i LOVE making kits.

so if you want to join in on my version of creative. buy clover and bingo – my first kit from the dorm room. and once you do, we shall play. i plan to share my process, thoughts, materials, and of course frustrations and final pieces. i plan to share using the following (so even if you don’t buy a kit – i hope you will come along for the ride):

pinterest. you can follow my board for this kit.

instagram. i share steps of the process a lot. a lot. (you will probs have to friend me.)

facebook. my blog posts will always show up here. plus little bits of my life.

twitter. not such a fan but i am trying. follow me. that might help. pretty much am talking to myself here.

website. please take a minute to sign up for the feed. email feeds are awesome. front page on bottom of sidebar.

buy clovers and bingo here!

i will be sharing pics, words and even videos. i hope you will join me. you can never have too many kindreds. sharing the good and the bad. everything creative.

and i may not use all of it on one thing. i may not create a masterpiece. i may just create something fun and crafty. that is how this is gonna roll. ok?


the art of being too sensitive and relying on the kindness of strangers

tender hearted 150x300 the art of being too sensitive and relying on the kindness of strangers

sometimes you have to let go of being noticed. and not in the SPOTLIGHT kind of way. like the a speck of dust on the woodwork.

here is the thing. i am TOO sensitive. i get it.

and when TOO sensitive is standing in line at a candy shop (let’s say the day before valentine’s day) she becomes a speck. because it’s the day before valentine’s day and everyone is there. and everyone is irritated and frantic to grab the last of anything. although they do stop to smile when the Chief Client Supervisor asks if you would like a candy. then they smile.

so TOO sensitive is just standing there and waiting. then the girl says something to the bearded man. and TOO sensitive interjects herself because she actually really likes talking to strangers because she can be exactly who she is. snarky and funny. a good listener. even kind-hearted. actually very kind-hearted. and so the bearded man and TOO sensitive joke about the lack of cards that express how we really feel after 20 plus years of marriage. and not the sappy ones. sentiment like – thanks for sticking in there – i know i’m a pain in the ass. then the girl with the armful of candy giggles. bearded man asks who the candy is for. her mom is out of remission and even though she knows it’s bad for her, everyone deserves candy on valentine’s day. and she says it’s hard everyday. TOO sensitive tells her that she is such a good daughter and YES, her mom should eat candy – as much as she wants. the bearded man tells his story of cancer and the other side of it. he asks the girl if her mom likes peanut butter. she says yes and he grabs his favorite and tells her he is buying it for her mom. TOO sensitive thinks his wife is pretty frickin’ lucky to have him and tells him so.

insert the chin quiveries here. and heart swellies.

with our bags in hand each of us said goodbye-takecare-lovetoyourmom as we left. gosh i love that feeling. that feeling when you are just a person who is nice to talk to. like we were friends and would see each other again. which we won’t.

so TOO sensitive goes home and does what she does for all the people that expect her to do it. without being dramatic or thoughtful or anything TOO sensitive.

and it dawns on her that is isn’t her. that she is just right and that it’s everyone else that needs to work on being insensitive. and that relying on the kindness of strangers sometimes exactly what she needs to remember that.

back by popular demand

IMG 5782 580x580 back by popular demand


well, by a handful of peeps that love/push me at least.

it is time (and has been for a lifetime) to work towards a fulfilling creative life. while i am quite good at marketing and technology and managing my time. i am NOT good at believing in myself enough to know that i deserve success. i am NOT good at pacing myself. and I am NOT good at opening up to the world with my words.

This is my start (or restart). my website.

  1. grow my art by actually creating a gallery
  2. build my creative circle by sharing my way of creating
  3. learn how to teach virtually
  • since my schedule (and bills) don’t allow me (yet) to do the full-time art thing
  • to hopefully create opportunities to teach in person in the future

it is all about self-acceptance, opening up and accepting all the good that will come with it.

peeking around the creative corner.