October 2012


20121028 163727 brilliant.little.flashes.

flashes of little-ness.

a girl and.
pink crinkly bricks.

of sugar.
and something.

not quite sure.

she can’t put her finger on it.

but. nevertheless.

it is sweet.


IMG 4941 300x300 word.nymphs.

these little bits of girls have something to say. and they can say it in one word. i love how couch creative. is. so.


an out of my own head. distracted by some sort of tv show. good.

so in honor of something that came easy to me (well, except for the eyes. thank you kelly barton for getting me past the ugly and into a groove that i can call my own)

i would like to send some word/nymph/love out into the world.

just get in touch with me on my fb art page with a private message (i’ll give you my address) and send a self-addressed, stamped legal size envelope to me and i’ll tuck in a girl with a random word and send it right back. (be sure to put enough postage on it cause once she leaves my house i am off the proverbial hook!)

you can certainly stick a note inside that says hi. i like random bits of post love. but you don’t have to.

ready. set. GO!